Monday, 31 October 2016

600th POST Lynnda ~ Layering up your Colour Chemistry PURE Inks

600th Post

Welcome to the 600th post on this blog, of course, I could not have possibly written 600 posts myself, and I must congratulate the whole team for all the brilliant makes they have blogged to achieve this milestone. I always intend to blog more often, and I really am amazed that some people manage to blog every day. 
So how shall we celebrate?
Let's have a prize! 
Leave a comment to enter ~ why not tell us what you favourite project has been so far? OK, let's get on with the post itself.

Layering up your PURE inks

You can create some really interesting "loose effects" stamping with just Colour Chemistry PURE Watercolour Inks. Include some pigment ink too and you give the ink more body and get a very different look. You can use similar colours or combine colour as always the choice is yours. 
Here is a little video with me trying to show you exactly what I mean by that.

I was using the Moutain Ash Leaf stamp or you could treat yourself to a great collection of leaves. Lynnda's Leaves is a great way to have a good selection of leaves, 

I was using several sprays all made from Colour Chemistry PURE inks. The colours I used were Citrus Lime, French Mint, Citrus Yellow, Peter's Pear. 
For my ink pads, I chose Colour Chemistry Pigment Ink Spring Green and Triple Vintage Browns.

So don't forget to leave a comment and I will draw a winner on Friday.