Saturday, 27 February 2010

quick note before I dash off again

Hi everyone, sorry not many posts but hopefully it will all be worth it in the long run. The NEC was amazing and as ever full of surprises, we didn't have long enough to talk to anyone properly and we only saw Tim and Mario in the distance, sigh! but on the stand we did see/talk to/hug all of the following Suze Weinberg, Leanndra French, Lynn Robinson Hunter, Glenda Waterworth,Princess Pinflair, Barbara Gray, Lesley and Annette, Michelle Saxon, Gwen Fletcher, Kim Sutton, Nancy Watts,..... I could go on and sorry if I missed your name off the list.
Elaine and I did each day and had some lovely compliments about our designs and display. For Monday and Tuesday we were also joined by the very talented Tracey Spurgin who is a studio mate of mine and who I will be doing some projects with this year, including a trip to the Artisan show in October.
We had some new products samples on the stand of things we are due to release over the coming months and they got a great reception, all that is going to take some time to get to market.
The big project this week is two new releases for Create and Craft, no one else has the stamps so I have had to do all the samples. The show is on tomorrow morning at 10am and they have called it Get Stamping. Hope you will all be watching and cheering me on.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

stop the world

I have made myself dizzy with running around far too fast in the last 2 weeks, yesterday I felt so ill I didn't think I would make the NEC at all. Fortunately there are some amazing people in this world, they include my family, the receptionist at the doctors, Andy at the stamp makers and the rest of the gang down there, Sharon who cuts my hair and Julie who makes my whole world stop for an hour or two with the most amazing massage I have ever had. So thanks to Julie I am off to bed and if you stopped by to seeing some amazing craft project with Oak House Studio then go check out where Elaine, who has been bailing me out of trouble since I was 6 has posted some art work for this weekend

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Get Stamping

I have been busy working on projects to include in a "get stamping" kit we will be launching on Create and Craft at the end of the month. The idea has been to put together a very basic set that means you can make a few cards with just the things in the box plus a pair of scissors a glue stick and maybe a pencil and ruler. If you have the added bonus of foam pads then hey you could go mad!
I have designed the projects in the box so that could be made with nothing more than said scissors and a glue stick. The idea being it could be a first step to stamping or a stamping set for those temporarily deprived of their stash, so they get a quick fix. Ahh now your laughing but when we sold something like this before I remember it being bought my Jan who is an avid stamper with loads of kit but all her equipment had gone into store for a couple of months whilst they moved house and suddenly Christmas was coming and she still hadn't got her gear back.
The box contains stamps, flowers ( OK so I designed it bound to be flowers!) words and as Elaine would say twiddly bits. Eleven stamps in all. 10 sheets of card in 4 pastel colours, 10 sheets of white stamping card. 5 card blanks and 5 envelopes, a block and two ink pads one of which in a duo pad with purple an green in three colours of ink, so like they say when they sell CDs. 11 stamps, 5 colours of card ( inc white) and 3 ink colours, that is a whopping 165 different sheets of paper you could design with just one ink colour and one stamp on each, add combinations of stamps and colours as they say WOW!#
Just think how many different cards could be made just by stamping flat papers and cutting or tearing them to fill an A6 card.
It is amazing isn't it. As I said before everything in the projects has been made with just scissors and a glue stick, it has been hard not to reach for glitter or aquash. I did give in and use a paintbrush and water as I thought that was fair and the card could be completed without doing that.
Anyway this is just one card, watch out for the rest. Oh and if you like the flowers they will be available in slightly different format without the rest of it.
Elaine has been busy making an ATC with these stamps checkout her blog

Monday, 8 February 2010

and now the fun starts

OK meetings over just a few more pricing bits to sort and we should have some lovely new products very soon
I have been asked about intermediate stamping courses, well Saturday's class fits that bill. With only a small number in the workshop is is very possible to give everyone pretty close attention and move people on when they are ready. I have two places left £5 each
Hope to have some images pretty soon. So keep checking back

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Coming together

Been at the studio but hardly any time to stamp spent most of my time sorting out packaging and making space for people to sit down on Monday.
Martin came to bring me some products from the warehouse and stayed for a cup of tea. It was great having him there and as usual he made a lot of sense so again things lurch forward


Friday, 5 February 2010

Workshops are nearly all booked up. We do have a couple of spaces for next Saturday morning. I hope to have more dates soon.

We have new products coming out very soon (I really hope they will all come together). So that is taking my time.

Monday morning I have two meetings. Pentel and another supplier I am very excited this space for more news.

If you haven't replied to appeal to tell me if you are a stamper or not please get that in to me, even the press want to know what you say....more excitement


Thursday, 4 February 2010

home making

just read on twitter Kirsty Allsop working on next Homemade Home. Just think what you could do with a stamp or two. You could easily theme a room quite cheaply. As you all know (don't you?) you can stamp on glass, paper, fabrics tiles. ceramics. A stamp is just a way of transfering a design.
Just think what you could do in a bathroom. Pick a nice motif say the shells. you could stamp these on a mirror edge, glasses for candles, on to ribbon to quickly trim towels, into Fimo to decorate picture frames or UTEE as well as images on a wall. How many other rooms could you decorate?
If we could get Kirtsy stamping her Christmas cards they would be a lot nicer and much more accessible. I do hope this next series is more accessible and features things most people could do. And I truely hope that Kisty gets to actually complete stuff herself more rather than leaving it to the "professionals" I am sure she would love it!!
Come on Kirsty visit us at Oak House Studio, it would be fun


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

me and my mouth

You would think by the time one reached my age one would have learnt when to think things through! I remember in sixth form a tecaher sayimg on my report I tend to develop my thinking out loud, well nothing has changed.
Following my previous message and after emailing folks for answers...have you emailed me with your answer yet??

Anyway I have been persuade that despite the fact I am busy preparing for next TV show and the NEC I should fit some classes sooner rather than later. Here are the first batch of dates. Sorry that is all I can manage at the moment but please email me if you have any other workshop needs/wants

Saturday 6th Feb Introduction to Stamping 9-30 to 12 nice and basic

Tuesday 9th Feb Introduction to Stamping 9-30 to 12 nice and basic

Tuesday 9th Feb Exploring palette stamps 1 to 3 Fun play with Palette stamps reversing images and and making patterns

Saturday 13th Feb Stamping Skills 9-30 - 12 Learning a bit more about what you can do with a good stamp!

Sunday 14th Feb Introduction to Stamping 9-30 to 12 nice and basic

To keep things simple all the above workshops will be £5 Booking is Essential
All dates are for my studio at Cold Harbour Farm near Bishop Burton
I have limited space at the studio, a maximum of 6 for these so please contact me now to save being disappointed Lynnda 0750 896 2552