Friday, 15 July 2011

Here are few photos to show you I have been working! Some of you may be wondering why I am managing to blog a bit more. BEN is the answer.
He has been coming to the studio with me. It has been great having company, someone to clean my stamps and do piles of die cutting ; 0. BUT also he "plays" with the camera too and gives me extra time in the morning cos he ain't up yet!!.
I am off for something to eat as I have been up hours, enjoy these ....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

decorating wood

I have been working on samples for summer school over the last few days. Here are some of the decorating wood ones, but I have been making loads more. I have to admit I am not that good at getting photos taken. I wouldn't have these Ben hadn't been there experimenting with my camera between cleaning stamps after last weekends stamping escape. I know you need to see photos of that too. I will try honest

If you fancy joining us for summer school prices are around £50 day. That includes all food, materials a spectacular gift box to take home which contains, stamps, inks and embossing powders and more. Email me at to check availabilty.