Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Starts Here!

Well Christmas is well and truly under way for our household.

It is hard to think about Christmas until Ben has had his birthday and we have celebrated that this week. Then on Saturday we were able to go as a family to the lighting up event.

Ben was Bertie Beaver last year and he was hoping someone else would do the job this year. Someone was found but they were not well at the last minute and Ben agreed to step in at late notice. At least this year he knew what to expect.

He was as popular as ever with the younger children, however we did get stood next to a couple of youngsters who were not keen on such large furry things but by the end of Once in Royal David's City they were playing with his tail and had to be persuaded to be more gentle.

The other "Star" this year was a girl from the same school who has been in a film recently she was very good and spoke well when it was her turn to speak. Ben of course didn't have to speak just wave a lot and nod his head

Once he was changed and back to normal we walked back through the town to have some tea. We decided to go for fish and chips at a local shop which is always a treat. I am so proud of him when he does this job, everyone seems very pleased with him and always asks if he will do it again next year. It makes me such a proud Mum. It was great that Martin could come along to watch as before he has been left looking after the shop when I have been involved in the sorting out the Children's competition.

After our meal we went back into the town to look at the lights, I haven't been as involved this year and somehow they looked really special.

Christmas can really get started now and this week I hope to get the decorations up around the house and I am having a couple of crafting sessions one with Hazel and one with Denese. I really want to get some new drawings finished and organise some new stamps ready for the new catalogue in February.

By the way I have just about got the new website sorted if not finished pop along and watch what I have been doing, another job this week is double the number of pages on there, hmm I'm going to be busy then.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

I am back

Well we are back from the NEC I can't rest yet though. I am busy trying to get work completed for a couple of magazine submissions PLUS and the real hard bit for me GET THE NEW WEBSITE SORTED.

Why is this hard? because as always I am doing this myself (something about needing to be in control of everything and thinking no one else understands what I am trying to achieve).

The problem arises because I do something and it doesn't always work straight away (you get notes like this COULD take up to 72 hours), which anyone who knows me will realise I don't do now wait for up to 72 hours, when computer doesn't respond immediately I click again and again...I KNOW!! it doesn't help but I can't stop myself.

I have tried getting my IT co-ordinator to do more but he turns 16 next week so he is very busy resting up. To be fair he was at the NEC with us and even did a bit of painting for me at the demo table, if anyone saw him I hope you know how proud I am off him what it took for him to do that. I have been trying unsucessfully to upload photos for the last two days but then if was too easy it wouldn't be a challenge would it.

You can check out my work at

this is a new address and EVENTUALLY this site should be available from either address ( but it could be up to 72 hours!!!!!)

It has been made on a template and you will spot some content (mainly images) that have nothing to do with Oak House Studio and when I have finally sorted out uploading images I will substitute more photos that mean something.....

in the mean time here is a card to keep you going.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Sorry and big Thank Yous

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, things have been more hectic than usual. Just to make sure I eventually slowed down I managed to have a fall and do some damage to my foot and knee, mainly my left leg but my right leg is pretty sore too. This has meant a lot of my commitments have been left undone SORRY!

It has also meant I have had to rely on others even more this last few weeks. So I have some huge Thank You to send round
Firstly to Karen who took me to the hospital and stayed with me whilst everything was sorted. To Jane who took over the sewing part of my job list. To Elisa and Elaine who took over some sample making. To Martin and Ben who have driven, cooked, washed and generally nursed me.

It has left me desperately trying to sort out the internet situation and could be changing anyday now. If there is nothing coming up at this our usual address check out

As soon as I have thing settled with the website I will send out emails to everyone to let them know and will probably add on some great offers too.

If you are coming to the NEC I should be there on stand L09 I will be the one with a left foot that is a very interesting colour propped up under the demo table!! Pleas ecome and see me as I am not likely to be doing much trotting around the show myself.