Sunday, 31 January 2010

To stamp or not to stamp?

Well the answer is of course TO STAMP. I hope I don't bore the world (well my world anyway) with this topic but I am going to be bashing on about it for the next three weeks at least.
You see in my head there are two types of people, those who stamp and those who don't stamp YET!

I love stamping so much it is hard for me to understand why some people don't do it. I can see that I won't convert everyone BUT I do feel there are too many people who are missing out on this great pleasure in life. Over the next 12 months I am making my mission to covert as many people as possible. First I need to understand more about it?

Have these people not had the opportunity, have they never considered it? do they think they don't have enough time? worse stll have they tried and not enjoyed it?

so I want to hear from YOU email me NOW

Are you a stamper? if so why do you love it?
Are you not a stamper? why do you think that is?
Can you use stamper or not a stamper for you subject line and send your reply now to
as a little encouragement ( as if??) there will be prizes for both groups to be drawn on 23rd Febrauary 2010.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bob the Dog

Had a few questions about Bob, caught him curled up on the settee the other day so grabbed this photo. Note the lack of eye contact!
Bobby is miniature silver poodle, he is now nearly 9 years old, last August he was hit by a car whilst on one his escapes, He fractured his pelvis and was pretty badly cut up. We have great Vets and insurance or he wouldn't be here. He walks kind of funny now and lacks strength in his back legs but he seems happy and still escapes when ever he feels the urge.
We carry him upstairs and lift him down and up smalls steps but then very now and then he gets up the stairs by himself and on to the settee even.
Today he escaped from the garden and went for his walk by himself as I got caught up and he thought he would save me the time!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

my weekend

Here we all are, usually I have this place to myself but on Saturday John Denton came up to take some photos, Sharon came to help with samples and Martin came to start packing the create and craft order. We had a great time, John took some nice photos. but I don't recognise myself these days, I look vaguely familiar but the image in my head is about 10 years younger and several pounds lighter!anyway this picture from the back is fairly safe!!


I have had several attempts at up loads some images for you and every time my computer just crashes so I have decided it is not meant to be
Frantically trying to pull everything together for the show on Saturday, this is the point when everything starts to fall apart, I had my hair cut last week and it hasn't gone right since, I have papercuts on about 7 different fingers from folding boxes to pack the inks in (oh yes inks in this next show). I forgot to comfirm the order with the stamp manaufacturer so they won't be here till Friday! All been a mad dash it is only 7 days since I said I would do the show and in that time I have produced 9 stamp images some totally new, some based on old favourites. It has been a bit hectic.

Anyway I have been busy with the samples, Barbra, Sharon and Elisa have all popped in to help and tomorrow Denese is due to help too. I is always nice to see how someone else uses the stamps Sharon did some lovely backgrounds and really got in to some fantastic repeat stamping.
Martin has been brilliant and took over labeling inks today when my papercut fingers couldn't grip anything and has promised to do some more tomorrow (must be love!)
I know everything will come together by Saturday but I am trying really hard to have some time out on Friday as I have the opportunity to spend and hour or so with Branding Guru Carl Hopkins, but that means a couple of hours on a train too so a few hours out of my working day, should be worth it though

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Silver Clay

Anyone who has been beeen inspired by the silver clay on Create and Craft over the last few weeks , can I recommend to check out Craftworx. Tracey is a fabulous teacher and very creative. If you want to learn for yourself or get some fabualous jewellery made Tracey is the first place to start. She has a studio at Calf House and it is her I have to thank for finding my studio
Of course your Oak House Studio stamps will work brilliantly with the clay

Friday, 22 January 2010

Oriental Theme

As many of you will know now is the time all good stamp designers are working on new designs to launch at the NEC in Febuary. My designs are coming along nicely thanks for asking, however they all need a little more work to get them ready for selling. So for this first TV show in January we have revisited our oriental stamps, put them into collections and added a few new pieces. If you already have our dragons and love them you will be pleased to see them both available in a new size, this time they are the same size!
We are also taking Pigment Ink pads in lovely bright colours plus a black. some nice little sets on this show plus good old Aquash. The price on Aquash has gone up but we have managed to hold the price for one more show, so if you haven't bought yours yet now is the time.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


At last I have new dates for Create and Craft channel 36.


We are still working on content so I will try and update you when I can

Monday, 4 January 2010

and the winner is

I have sponsored Card Maker of the Year for the past two years with Simply Cards and Papercraft. The winner for 2009 was Diane Ingram who sent me a wonderful Thank You card. see the photo here!

I have invited Diane to spend the day with me at my studio. She has accepted the invitation and now all we need is some nice weather so she can get here from Norwich
Would you like to come and spend some time at the studio and play with all the products old and new
We have several open days planned for this year and we are looking to offer some more special days which include a nice lunch at the local pub email me for deatils of classes and special events