Sunday, 16 May 2010

busy week

I have had a busy week with no finished craft projects, I been working on jewellery with Tracy and have lots planned for this next week.
I have taken time out with Martin to go watch GB men play volleyball in Sheffield. I have seen quite a few international matches over the years (I even been a linesman at over 34) but this one was pretty special. GB were in a tight corner, they needed to win in straight sets and with at least 16 points between the teams. Setter and team captain Ben Pipes had organised tickets for his old team mates and we turned out in force.
We met up for a meal first and by the time we got to the match we were ready to make as much noise as possible. It was hard to believe Ben had come so far from the young 12 year old we first met at YPI in Hull. He motivated his team and played brilliantly. He took time to speak to his family and his old team before having to dash off to speak to the press. We were all so proud of Ben and the whole team who came to do a job, won the game with points to spare, very tense, but so up lifting well done.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Starting the inspiration

Yesterday I made a last trip to Peterborough for a while this week an on the way home kick started my design time by visiting afew plces on the way home. Martin and I stopped at the Hub in Sleaford which is a National Centre for Craft and Design. We saw two exhibitions that had me reaching for paper when I got back to the van. I wish I had taken my camera.

We had planned some time to talk and eat on our trip, we usually manage to find n excellent afternoon tea or something similar. One favourite spot is Quaintways in Folkingham. A really old fashioned and friendly spot with large tea pots and slices of cake. It always makes me expect the famous five or some other Enid Blyton character to come in and order lashing of ginger beer.
I think there has been a slight price increase on this menu but it is still an excellent price and great quality. e have yet to try their rost lunches but it is on my list!
Folkingham came along too early in our trip yesterday so we gave it a pass, expecting to find something equally lovely in Louth or somewhere but we didn't. We did find several old fashioned sweet shops, so indulged in buying pineapple chunks for Martin, catherine wheels for Dotty and fondent cream roses for me
if you know that part of the country and you can suggest somewhere for afternoon tea let me know.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

big sigh

Well that is all over for a while, we still have a busy couple of days dealing with the follow up. Then I am going to be getting on with new designs.
in the mean time here are more pem pots.
Just a reminder that I have a quiet open house at the studio on Sunday 9th 2pm to 4pm.
I am working on the workshop programme next week so any requests email me now

Sunday, 2 May 2010

sample making

I can't believe how hard it hs been to stuck into making samples this time round. To be fair I have been involved in changes to the background of the business, changes you will probably never see but hopefully I will be able to get on with the important stuff so good for all of us. But here is a photo from the hints ad tips sheets I have been working on to go into the recycled stuff for Create and Craft.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Technology and the teenager

Ok I like technology but I find it harder and harder to keep up with the progress, is it an age thing? The consquence is I now rely on others (my son) to move things forward for me often due to a lack of time, however it always seems to take more time some where further down the line as I then don't understand the principles and when thinsg go wrong I have no idea how to put them right.!! all this is a long wonded way of saying sorry I didn't get to post for so long yet again. I am working toward a create and craft show on Wednesday 5th May at 12 noon, which having a bank holiday just before it seems to be hearder work than I was expecting.
Hope you will all be watching out for me, After that I am taking a few weeks to get in touch with all this new technology and finish off some new designs, so no TV for at least 8 weeks maybe longer.