Saturday, 21 February 2009

Phew all over for another year

We are safely back from the the Stitches trade show at the NEC. we met up with lot of old friends from the crafting world mainly other retailers I have know for years like Anni Jo from Crafters Dream in Nottingham, other Nottingham folk like Becky. We also saw all our favourite demonstrators like Lindsey Mason and Michelle Saxon who have kept me inspired over the years.

Here I am with Gwen from Stamp Pad. I hope to get over there soon to do some work with Gwen who is a crafter with a great style.

We basically, for three days we ate chocolate and gushed as everyone told us what a stunning stand we had, how striking it was etc...which considering we were with the trade we took as a great compliment, especially when the first person on the stand and taking a photo was Suze Weinburg, she should know.

This is me catching up with Michelle, we thought she was dressed to work on our stand, but it turns out she only came for the chocolate! still love her though
I made one new friend, Carole from Arty Farty, they were straight across from us and they were marvellous, we laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much it was brilliant. I kept calling Carole, Cath or Pat I have no idea why, she never corrected me, she was amazing.

On my team, I had Martin to help with setting up and for the worst part of Sunday. I also had Elaine Kettle who draws some our stamp designs and Ben who was wonderful even if he did get tired. I have an image in my brain of him on Sunday night at the back of the hotel, I wasn't cruel enough to take a photo but we both know what it was like, a shared experience we will have a long time. (Poor boy I wonder if he worked out his Christmas "jumper" was bought to co ordinate with the stand.)

I didn't get off the stand much other than to visit the toilet or to eat, but that was my fault I didn't want to leave my "baby". You can tell how bad I was, I could see Tim Holtz's face from my stand but didn't go to watch his demo!

here is a close up of a couple of the samples we did for the show. I will try and tell you more about the trip tomorrow.

Monday, 9 February 2009

getting there slowly

still getting there, I have made several huge packing lists so that I remember what stock I need to take, what paper work, the samples and then all the domestic stuff like clothes for me and the boys, and a few picnic a friends mother once said when we were doing a show together "it's a long time to be away from your larder".

anyway here is another sample for you, it is my first attempt at using polymer clay, I feel a new addiction coming on...any one know where I can get a pasta machine?

Friday, 6 February 2009

a finished peice

my space is so full of work in progress, I haven't had anything to post for a while

I have had one of those afternoons where I have lots of things "drying" and they are all at the stage were they look terrible, hopefully they will dry OK, but rather than watching them dry I have come up to post some finished work

It is an 8x8 page of a favourite photo embellished with part of the pansy stamp and some of the journalling blocks that are still in development.

I used Holly Berry and maple red glimmer msits to make some coloured card on glossy card. then stamped and embossed the pansys in silver.