Friday, 29 February 2008

as open door closes another opens

I handed over the keys to my shop at lunch time today. Good I hear you say no more talk about boxes. But you are not clear of talk about boxes yet, the house and the warehouse are both full of boxes now waiting for me to unpack. Oh the joys of rediscovering old friends in those boxes.

If I sound elated it is probably because I got some good news later in the day. I got home to find a message from someone who organises a show for stampers over at Port Sunlight. I had asked if I could attend the show, to discover it is invitation only and booked from show to show. After considering our designs, the committee have asked us to fill a small stand at the May show.

This is an amazing break for me as this show features some of the top stamping companies and it will be my chance to show the stamp community what we can do.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

earthquake in Beverley

around 1am this morning our world shook! it was pretty impressive the house and everything in it trembled for what seemed like ages but the news reports this morning say 10 seconds.
It was the largest earthquake the country has seen in 25 years, but it is the worst tremor I have ever felt. Coming as it did in the time when I was just falling into a deep sleep is was quite surreal and I did wake up this morning wondering if it was a dream. Like many others, hearing the news reports on the radio and TV felt " oh it wasn't just me then"

Did you feel the earthquake?

Monday, 25 February 2008

helping hands

My friend Barbara called today and offered to keep me focused, this was just what I needed, I was just about ready to pack up and go home, but with Barbara there to lsiten to me whitter on and tear up some things I was having trouble dealing with, the afternoon soon passed.
As Barbara left, Martin phoned for me to collect him from the garage where he had dropped off our van. I got there to find Pat had not only served up a cup of coffee but had also found the hobnobs!! I think we both enjoyed the moment to stop and talk to Pat before getting back in the the whirl that has become everyday life.
Tonight I am trying to decide which stamp(s) to use for a special card to be featured in a magazine, so many nice ones I just can't pick one.
If you have any thought about which Oak House Studio stamp to feature email me. If you haven't seen Oak House Stamps checkout the website

Saturday, 23 February 2008

getting there

I had help today so managed to actually move a lot of the boxes I have been filling and take down some shelves too.

Spent some time organising the fountain pens ( I always enjoy that)
and found some long lost treasures, does that always happen when you move furniture?

Whilst I was packing more boxes I found myself dreaming about all the craft projects I am going to do when this is all over. Lets hope it is more than a dream!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

boxes and more boxes

I am still trying to organise a big shop into lots of boxes. Going to take time out tonight to meet up with some scrapbooking friends and talk about all the new products and ideas I picked up at "Stitches". I want to get their opinion about a card I am designing for a magazine.

Once I have the shop sorted I am can be getting all the new products on the website.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A New Start

This has been my first day in a new life, I have given up running my craft shop to concentrate on getting Oak House Studio running as a professional craft supplies business. However I spent most the day trying to fit was is left of my craft shop into boxes ready to move to our warehouse.
It has still been liberating to work at my own pace and to do jobs in a more logical order, a few more days of hard work and I should be able to reward myself with a good dose of crafting.