Saturday, 31 October 2009

it's easy to see why

I know you haven't had any updates from me for a while but well there have been other things. I have been to Stamp Magic at Doncaster Dome, this took up so much time and still I wasn't ready.
It seems the busier I am the less I have to show you for all sorts of reasons. However recently I have taken time to breath and here are just two images which might explain how easy it is for me just to stop and breath. I know it isn't a very good photo of Paul's calves but lovely as they are they don't understand they should stand still when I point a camera, I took about a dozen photos and this is the best one, I do have to stand outside the place to stand a chance of them not dashing round, if I go inside they like to come up and taste you....OK so that makes me happy, not sure what that says about me. John suggested I get my own cow this week I can just see that going down at home!!
I did spend about half an hour with two wonderful young cows this week ( Carole and Connie) well I had to wait for some sprays to dry and if I had stayed in the studio I would have found the need to touch them and mess so going out and spending time with the cows was a good way to stop me ruining them. The spraying came out great by the way will show you soon.

This other photo shows the other side of things for me. I went to Hornsea to get my hair cut this week by Sharon at Zizou, we had a good natter at the same time, but it was lovely day so I had a walk to the craft shop and then walked on to the beach, what a lovely view and the air is so uplifting. I do find these dark short days a bit mood depressing so lifts like this are all welcome

I have also discovered twitter so been posting on there. If I knew how I would do a thingy so you could follow me on there where I am LynndaOHS
by the way.
No doubt I will work it out soon

Monday, 19 October 2009

Thank You

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the new stamp plate. I am sorry it isn't on any of the websites just yet but it was all so last minute with Create and Craft and to be fair I wanted them to have a good chance to sell the ones they had asked for. I am really sorry I didn't get chance to show you all the demos I had lined up with this new stamp set. I am going to try to find a way to get them on to the web some how, but I am not sure how a this moment in time.
with 3 borders 4 sentiment, 5 buttons and 6 hearts it really is versatile and we could have play for weeks with just the one set.
Thanks once again for all the support, to everyone who made samples and jewellery even ( well done Tracey).


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Elaines samples have arrived

well it's late and I have made slow progress today as my computer went very sloooow this morning which made me late getting off to the studio. I did get some samples glued together and just have tomorrow to pull together some demos and sort my clothes and pack everything.....Martin wants me to score a Yorkshire Premier Volleyball match for the team tomorrow night too!! will I be ready in time to do it, no idea!
I did find time to go look at Paul calves again today, they were all laid down nice and peaceful so I didn't go in and disturb them just looked over the stable doors.
Anyway less about the cows and more about the CRAFT, all my samples are at the studio with the glue drying I hope so here are two more samples that arrived from Elaine. As ever her parcel arrived on my worst day...oh no that was Monday but we won't go there

more samples

I have had a busy week with classes and groups but I have really had my head into sample making. Along with some of the team. Here are two more samples using the fabric hearts on the the stitch in time plate, I have to say there is lot more to do with these hearts than make daises out of the them but that has to be what I like doing best.

There are loads more examples but I just thought these two would be good to show you together.

By the way Mondays show is at 10am on freeview channel 36 or sky channel 671. Hope you can all watch this time.
The silver clay pendent was made By Tracey Spurgin at craftworx
She has had a busy week too, so I really appreciate how she has found time to make this for me. Tracey and I have both have studios at Calf House Studios based on Cold Harbour Farm in Bishop Burton. Watch out for our next craft events.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

sample making

I found out last week that we will be back on Create and Craft (channel 36) on Monday 19th October, so I have been playing with the new stamp set ever since. I will have the Bumper Winter leaves with me one last time so if you didn't get it on the first show, grab one this time.

Here is great card Sharon made for me using just the ivy leaves, just think what you could do with the whole set.

The new set will be due for release at Stamp Magic on 25th October at Doncaster Dome and other stockists can have theirs from the Monday after that (26th October). but for a sneak peak here is a card that I have nearly finished it is still waiting for the sentiment, it is a small 4 inch square which I intend to add Thank You to.

Hope you get chance to catch the show or see us at Stamp Magic. Please if you are going to be there say hello, I really do like to meet those who take the time to keep up with what I am up to.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Studio Open Days

Starting this weekend there will be a series of open days for artists at Calf House Studios. My own days will be 9th and 11th October. If you only want to see me pop along on the 9th when I will have the stamps out and the kettle on.
Sunday 11th October will be a great chance to see what the other artists at Cold Harbour Farm are up to. Refreshments will be available with proceeds going to the church. I am expecting all the other folks will have their doors open on that Sunday so come along and check out some great ideas for Christmas.
Anyone intestersted in classes and workshops should email