Tuesday, 30 June 2009

so what is keeping me sane?

Over the last few days I have had to ask for and accept help, something I find difficult. I used to think it was about proving something, showing how capable I am, and perhaps when I was much younger it was. But maybe now it is about being in control in many ways, over time scales, over content and output. I am very grateful for all the help I have had and will need in the next couple of days but I have to say it has been hard for me to accept.

Fortunately there has been much to keep me sane. Life at Cold Harbour Farm is very calm. Yesterday they even sent me photos of the cows to calm me at home, Thanks Heather.

This photo is one of my own, of the girls outside my door. When the builders get busy they seem to get excited, I think they look like the girls in the diet coke break advert where they are all looking at the workmen. Here they are watch what is happening.

And here are just some the skys at Cold Harbour how can you be stressed with all that around you.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Stamp Pad, Saddleworth

Martin and I spent the day on Saturday at The Stamp Pad with Gwen and the gang.
We had a lovely time, Martin managed to keep me down in the demo room so I didn't get too much chance to shop in this lovely shop. I have to say, Gwen has chosen lovely things for her shop and her cards and samples a great inspiration. It looked like she had the new workshop list reday so anyone who can get to there should check out the website for workshop details.
You can also get Oak House Studio Stamp through Gwen, a some of our other special items.

Friday, 26 June 2009

new TV dates

Ideal World have asked us to move our show to 2nd July. Which means we will be on the new freeview channel. Channel 36. It launches on 1st July so we will be on the second day....if they don't change the date again. We are still "NEW AT NOON"
I still have loads to do to get where I would love to be, but I guess if they said "you have to come today" we would be fine. It took all three of us to parcel up the samples and send them off to Peterborough. I was so pleased to get an email to say they had arrived and were all properly packaged etc. phew!
I have worked for myself for so long where everything had to meet my standards, but I could compromise when the situation was not ideal, knowing why something was not perfect, it is weird being the new girl and not knowing the form as such. So although I am confident we have a great product and that I can explain it and show people some good ways to use it, I am not confident with the basic mechanics of doing a show, so a lot to learn.
If you can watch the show please do and send in your best wishes, better still email in to the studio to let others know why you like our stamps.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

all happening here

What a lucky girl I am, life at Cold Harbour Farm is just wonderful! As my TV debut rolls ever closer the peace of the studio setting is so calming, Tracey from CRAFTWORX has started to get her studio organised, (mine of course is less organised by the day). It is so nice having another crafter/teacher near by to share our excitement with.

The cows, well they are getting on with the serious business off chewing the grass and not much is going to stop them doing that. Work is moving on with the rest of the complex and very soon we are get new concrete in the courtyard.
Tracey and I both have a busy July but come August new teaching timetables will be out and we can look to welcoming you all over to have a look at what we have been doing.
In the meantime you can see me at The Stamp Pad in Saddleworth this Saturday, At Driffield Show and of course on a TV screen near you on 30th June.
If you are looking to buy any of the new designs check out http://www.apollo-office.co.uk/ after the new designs are launched at the Stamp Pad on Saturday.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Distress results from our Inks Course

One of the classes we have been teaching up at Cold Harbour Farm is all about discovering inks. Sorting out the notes has been a voyage of re discovery for me.

Many of you will not be surprised to know I have spent far too much time looking at Tim Holtz website and blog http://www.timholtz.typepad.com/
When really I should be getting on with typing up the notes and preping samples and idea cards for the courses not to mention all the work still to be done for the TV show in just over two weeks. After spending Tuesday to Saturday pretty much a permanent fixture in the studio, (which one of the gang has re named the Tardis!) I have spent Sunday and Monday wrestling with forms and spread sheets and trying to find someone to make me a small cardboard box......you would think it was not that difficult, anyway after two days of being welded to one keyboard or another I thought I would share with you some of the results from the inks course. We looked at Dye Inks, Pigment Inks and Permanent Inks, Plus two specials, Versamark and Distress Inks.
Here are two backgrounds from the distress part, one of my students, who I am very pleased with as this was a big leap of faith for them and they had never done anything like this before. No names because I would be lynched if I did but I think they did very well. So lets just call him Tom Stopz!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Ok now for the good news

I know you have been waiting a long time, I have been extra busy, what with the move to the studio and my other news!!
We have been talking to Ideal World and I now have a date I can share with you for our first show. All being well, we should be featuring on Create and Craft's "NEW AT NOON" slot on 30th June, so not long now.
I still have loads to do like finding the right packaging for embossing powders and filling in lots of forms with product details. I have a few folks helping me with samples up at the studio. I hope this explains why I haven't put on so many courses this summer. I still have the rest of the business to run and new stamps to designs. We have a few places left on all the June and July courses so if you haven't boooked yet please phone or email me.