Monday, 12 May 2008

recovery period

Those of you who know me well will be aware that I have been exhibiting at Port Sunlight Stamping Festival this weekend and very ounce of me (of which there are plenty) has been focused on getting myself and my stamps there!!
I have to report that we made it, there and back and all the boxes and stands are now safely back in the warehouse waiting for the rush of people who will now want the new designs from the website. You can find them all here!!

I did not manage to create as many samples as I would like and I think that is down to my inability to focus on one job and trying to do far to many things at once and end doing nothing that is finished but exhausted in the process, My latest resolution is to slow down and finish more, if that make sense (it probably makes sense if you know me).

where was I? oh yes Port Sunlight, plenty of friendly enthusiasts, all wanting to look at what we had and more importantly what it did, some very knowledgeable questions including the chemical make up of the polymer on the stamps from the advice on what not to clean it with!! I was impressed, I wasn't expecting many people to understand what a polymer was let alone that degree of chemistry.

Anyway we sold lots of Clematis stamps, it was everyone's favorite and that comes from the card I design to go in the stamping supplement that is free with this months Papercraft Essentials. I have to thank all the team that did make samples (unlike myself) Elisa, Sharon Hazel and Elaine.

and will we go again? people keep asking me oh yes if they ask me I would go again no problem.
It was the nicest show we have done so far, the people there were stampers and they knew what they wanted and they obviously saw the quality of what we had for sale.
Thank you Happy Stampers North West for organising a great day for the stampers!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

today's treasures

Today I have played with my new texture hammer (thanks Elaine). I started with some white mount board and added colour using Pentel Metallic colour brushes, I did a bit of splodging about with the brush and used two or three colour on three small pieces of mount board, One I hammer first, all three I hammered after...hint put a stamping mat under your texture mat to save the table and nasty looks from the neighbours.

Then I stamped each one with the new scrolls I used two inks brilliance lightening black and ancient page black. These show how they looked as broads which I rather liked, then I put them through the Sizzix to make buckles and frames. I rather like the boards un cut so will have to think of a way of using them in that state too.....oooh front covers for bind it all books....

I can't wait to have another go now!I hope you like what I have done, need to get some ribbon tomorrow to put these on cards.

More images from the new designs soon I promise, in the mean time you can pre order these stamps at

look at new releases listed under Oak House Studio for a full list of all the new designs this month.