Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TV date

In all my blogging about dates I forgot to tell you guys that I have another TV date. Create and Craft Channel 36 on Tuesday 30th March at 11am. Two new products this show and neither is a stamp!!, but I know you won't be disaappointed. We are bringing you stamping card in A5 at last. I have dithered about this one for awhile, but we put A5 in the Stamping Kit and I found myself using it a lot, just that bit easier. Don't worry we still have A4 if that is what you like.
and the other new product, something else you can stamp on....a pen holder. You may have seen a black and white Clematis sample I have on a pen pot. This product is so amazing I am still finding uses for it. You don't even have to be a stamper to appreciate it. You don't have to decoarte it, but being crafters you are bound to alter it in some way.
It is 100% recycled so thats good too! a great gift for yourself or someone else. It is coming in a pack of two so you can do both. I will try and get some images up before next week.
I want to know what you would do with yours. comments please

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

more dates

Studio Open Day Monday 5th April 10am to 4pm.Easter Monday Art and the Farm. All 6 studios will be open. A great chance to meet the creative minds behind Calf House Studios.

Classes and Workshops

Monday 22nd March 1pm to 3pm Making Backgrounds.£10

Wednesday 7th April 10am to 12-30pm Scrapbooking Crop £5
Friday 23rd April 10am to 12-30pm Introduction to Stamping Inc starter set to take home £20
Saturday 24th April 10am to 12-30pm Introduction to Stamping Inc starter set to take home £20

May Scrapbooking Festival

Thursday 6th May Introduction to Scrapbooking 10am to 12-30pm £10
Friday 7th May ALL DAY CROP starts 9am ends 8pm £10
Saturday 8th May 10am to 1pm Little Books make 3 small scrapbooks £10
Sunday 9th May Introduction to Scrapbooking 10am to 12-30pm £10
Sunday 9th May 2pm to 4pm Open House.

All at Calf House Studios, Cold Harbour Farm, Bishop Burton Booking is essential so phone Lynnda now.
Lynnda Worsnop 0750 896 2552

Friday, 5 March 2010


This week Beverley Scrappers have a crop at the studio on Tuesday morning 9th March there is is limited space at these events please book a place if you want to come along, for more details check out


Art and the Farm Open Event this is scheduled for Easter Monday 10am to 4pm I am afraid I don't have any more details yet. If you want me to keep you informed please email me to register your interest. I am presuming I will be demonstrating for a morning session and afternoon session.

More workshops and crops are to be arranged please email me for deatils