Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Thank You's

I must just take the time to say a huge thank you to everyone for all you emails and phone messages. It has been a very exhausting day, and a few things didn't got to plan but I have had a great time and I am sure that will help me relax for any more shows.
Every time I come back there is something I want to improve, I guess with a live show all you can do is go with it. But I had a great crew and they made it fun. Nigel was wonderful.
I am really shattered now so hopefully I will sleep tonight!

Thanks again.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

look at this

Ok I know I said I was going to be too busy to blog for a couple of days, but I am up early to go to the studio with Martin, who is now sound alseep bless him!
so I have grabbed the chance to share one of the samples Elaine has sent for next weeks Create and Craft show

She has sent a great selection of samples actually which is always a relief as they tend to arrive just as I go into panic mode about not having enough time to finish things for the show. On this card she has used two stamps, the Clematis corner and the English Garden Text. They are going to sold as a pair on the show, which will give you a small saving on buying them seperately.
Apollo have had the clematis corner for a while but the English Garden Text is new and has only been available thorugh me at workshops and demonstrations. Apollo should have it on their site very soon.

Friday, 24 July 2009

what day is it today?

well sorry to have been missing in action, I know I have been busy, but actually finding it hard to remember what I have done.
We have had some old friends up at the studio and it has been great to catch up with some people including Bernese who used live near me when I was a lot younger, When my parents had a shop back in Nottinghamshire her family lived across the road, we met again in my craft shop a couple of years ago, isn't a small world.
I have also been to Driffield show with the people from Calf House Studios, there I was bumping into people I taught with 12 years ago, what a surprise for them seeing what I do now. I was lucky to have my son with me for the day as he is always a great help. He was spotted a fair bit too.
Yesterday it was back to work as normal and trying to get ready for the next trip to Create and Craft. We have a live show on next Tuesday at 10am.This should also be on freeview channel 36.
I have lots of jobs to do before then so this might be the last I get to post until after the show.
Apologies for that. in the mean time

Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

A couple of dates for you

Sunday 19th July 10-30am to 3pm come along for a bit of a rummage sale. A lot of my craft stock is in Martin's warehouse and he has decided to move!! how inconsiderate, what about me!! Good news for you though as I need to dig out all the boxes and resort them. Come along and grab some bargins. All the lines we no longer sell will be half price or less. The kettle will be on so come along and have a good rummage. The new stamps and other lines will also be available.

Saturday 8th August is our next Open Day 10a m to 3pm come along to find out about the next session of classes and workshops. Find out what's on offer and have a play with the stamps. The kettle will be on again.

Both days are free but it really helps to know how many people expect to be there so email me now if you are coming or need more details

Monday, 6 July 2009

best laid plans

Today I aimed to catch up with the washing, sort out the internet orders with Apollo, and do some blogging.

Well this morning was lovely weather, I shoved some washing in and dashed over to the studio to collect stock for the Internet orders, Made great time, but when I got back Martin was in a huge rush and stuck chasing things on the phone so I made lunch for us all so save everyone time, threw in some more washing. The after lunch I hung out the washing and got Ben organised to cut the grass. Threw even more washing in the washer, and got ready to go to the office to get the orders processed. I was stopped in my tracks by Ben shouting there is a storm coming so we both dashed out and fetched in all the washing. By the time I got to the office, Martin was even more happy!! no Internet connect and no connection to Streamline. Oh well at least I don't feel so hot and I have much more energy today.

But I am just going to make this a quick post with one sample and add the rest when the Internet connection is more reliable.

This is a card made by Pauline. She has used my favourite cards and there I have been fighting the urge to make everything black white and silver and she does a master piece like this
She has used Black Glossy card ( I can't get enough of that) Silver matt card and silver mirri board.

She has of course used the Oak House Studio sunflower stamp. This is a great favourite of mine at the moment. I have been using it to make loads of samples for the classes as well as the Create and Craft "New at Noon" show.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Hasn't it been a trifle warm folks? I guess I am so well insulated and at that time in my life when I can be hot when everyone else is shivering, but the last two days I have been tired and hot even first thing in the morning.

Anyway here a few ATCs from Thursday's show. If you have seen it yet it is on tonight at midnight so last chance I think. I will try and post some more samples tomorrow, quite a few of the sunflowers didn't make it out and it is a shame as some of my favourites where amongst them.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More changes

OK so the new freeview channel launch has been delayed
it means few of you can watch on your TV, but it is still over there to watch on the web if you don't have sky.
I have been busy all day ,glue things together to make final cards
should have got on and made a few essentials or that is what I am now thinking
But I have till noon, so if you see someone sat in the services of the A1 cutting out pansys pots come over and say hello, better still pull up a chair and pull out your scissors
The first of our stamps is over on the create and craft website, they managed to get a good photo of a clematis tower stamp, well done them, but it is the only one on there at the moment.
Many of you already have this stamp and love it, nearly as much as I do, so pop over there and leave a customer review.


Latest on TV dates

I am sure you are all dizzy with the changes to all this but hey think about me!
The latest news we are on Create and Craft at noon on Thursday 2nd July. However the new freeview channel will launch later in the month, so you should be able to catch our next show on there.
If you don't have sky or will be on your lunch break you can watch the show live at http://www.createandcraft.tv/WatchTvLive.aspx

I am nearly there although I do have about four samples I want to finish off or make but that is what today is for. Although this morning, I am teaching the last lesson in the five week inks course, if you missed this one it has gone so well I think it worth repeating so look out for the next class list.
I have about four hours this afternoon to pack my demo kit and make the last few samples, probably not enough time but there never is enough time to do everything I want to do, the important thing is do the most necessary things first, and everything else is a bonus.
Sorry I haven't post any pictures of samples but they are all at the studio.
They will have to come home with me tonight so if I have time I will post a few images when I get back in from Julie's. Julie has kindly volunteered to try and do something with my nails this evening, I don't think she is going to be impressed when she sees the colour of my hands....Yesterday I had a small altercation with a bottle of sapphire glimmer mists so now I look like I have just been given my first fountain pen!!! I think I had that look for the first four years of secondary school. In fact I think I should just join the blue hand gang and be done with it!
Well thanks for offering Julie. With my shakey hands nail varnish has always be a challenge. At college Kay was always press ganged into sort me out in that department, but she lives a bit too far away now. Actually It is probably me that lives a bit further away!!

Now I know I am rambling, but I have a good excuse, after all my TV debut is tomorrow! how exciting is that! I am finding it really hard to believe and am wondering what todays "surprise" will be.
The good news is all the aquash sets have arrived from Japan. I have to say a really big thank you to everyone at Pentel who helped make that happen. Lets hope we can sell them all tomorrow.