Wednesday, 7 May 2008

today's treasures

Today I have played with my new texture hammer (thanks Elaine). I started with some white mount board and added colour using Pentel Metallic colour brushes, I did a bit of splodging about with the brush and used two or three colour on three small pieces of mount board, One I hammer first, all three I hammered after...hint put a stamping mat under your texture mat to save the table and nasty looks from the neighbours.

Then I stamped each one with the new scrolls I used two inks brilliance lightening black and ancient page black. These show how they looked as broads which I rather liked, then I put them through the Sizzix to make buckles and frames. I rather like the boards un cut so will have to think of a way of using them in that state too.....oooh front covers for bind it all books....

I can't wait to have another go now!I hope you like what I have done, need to get some ribbon tomorrow to put these on cards.

More images from the new designs soon I promise, in the mean time you can pre order these stamps at

look at new releases listed under Oak House Studio for a full list of all the new designs this month.

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Elaine said...

Glad you've been using the hammer for the purpose intended. Love the backgrounds especially the bluey-green one. The Pentel Metallic brushes create a really good effect and I can't wait to see more.