Saturday, 12 July 2008

Christmas starts here

We are a little behind were I would like to be with the Christmas stamps but I thought I would share with you one set I am excited about. They are coming into production slowly and you might think I would be used to this slow pace by now but when the ideas have been buzzing round your head for weeks well months really and some of them are ones I didn't get done last year!! I know, but where does the time go.

Anyway this is a set I have been calling "build you own poinsettia" I am not sure what we will call it when it eventually hits the catalogue. It should be in production next week and goes on sale from 1st August but we hope to have them ready for the charity Craft Day on 19th July at Woodmansey Village Hall...more details

The set consist of three different sized leaves or bracts. I have just stamped up a side of inexpensive red A4 and embossed in gold a selection of the shapes. I cut them out and then grouped them together using a piece of scrap card for a base and some powder pritt for adhesive.

I am sure I could use all sorts of subtle colouring using shades of red and green but here is a first go using basic red card.

I have used all three sizes on the large one and just the smaller two for the little one.

I think they will be great on cards, presents gift bags, crackers, table decorations etc......guess what theme we will be having this year...we also have wait for it ....... ...... three other poisettia stamps NEW this year plus the ones from previous years....
oh yes, break out the green and red. I know what I am doing this Christmas....

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