Thursday, 8 January 2009

was that Christmas?

well since my last post Christmas was just on hold in definately. I fianlly sucumbed to the many virus that were about. As many will know coughing is something I have had plenty of practise of in the last few years so no surprise really
I made very few Christmas crads and all the new designs are still in drawing mode and need to transfered to electronic files so lost of work to do then.
I am still not quite back to fignting fit but I am going to venture out to meet a few folk on Saturday 10th January.
If you feel like coming to see what I have managed to do design and techneque wise I will be in Springdale Farm shop and Cafe ( so plenty of hot drinks available) from 10am. If you have any stamping problems feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.
need more details email me at


Lindsay Mason said...

Hi, sorry to hear that you've been poorly too! I know how you feel - mind you,the enforced rest will have done us good I'm sure. Good luck with the new exciting! See you at Stitches - if either of us gets a break that is! Lindsay

Lindsay Mason said...

Hello again Lynnda! I got tagged by Hazel from Didos Designs, so now I'm tagging you...see my blog for details if you want to join in. Lindsay x