Monday, 20 April 2009

Cold Harbour Farm

About three years ago I was moaning to my mate Kay that I didn't have a place to work at home particularly to craft, she didn't sympathise at all and just said "well why not", so I took over a room at the back of the house that leads to the garden, my father in law laid a laminate floor, the boys erected shelves and I settled down in there on Boxing Day that was over a year ago and I haven't made a card in there, I have done the odd bit of work in there but some how the light isn't right.
So when I needed to make a mass of samples, I called the girls and took over the dining room, but all though there is more space in there, it faces north and still not ideal despite buying fancy lights bulbs etc.
Then whilst working with Tracey at Craftworx she told me about her move the Cold Harbour Farm, how wonderful I thought, I would love that but still didn't even think about asking for details just started to talk to Tracey about borrowing it for workshops....
Then in another of those conversation someone said "why don't you have your own?" So I contact Tracey for the details still not expecting or hoping anything. Two weeks ago I met Heather whose is the power house behind the project to build studios at the farm.
On Friday I moved into my own space there, it feels like I have come home, my "tools" are still spread between, the warehouse, my office, my craft room, the dining room, and the new studio, but I didn't want a pile of boxes to arrive the first day that I never got to the bottom of.
So I am steadily taking boxes each day emptying them and finding homes for them.

The plan is to test the products and make samples at the studio, to teach some workshops, and arrange retailer training. I am sure it will find a host of other jobs along the way.
So a huge Thank You to Heather for making the decision to go there the easiest move I have ever made. I promise to post photos soon.
In the mean time the open day will stretch to two days 1st and 2nd May 10 am to 3 pm.
there will be a chance to try some new designs, check out the location and find out about workshops and classes.
Oh yes and I finally got round to fixing a date with Gwen to go to the Stamp Pad at the end of June. More details soon.

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