Friday, 15 May 2009

even more busy!

New projects are coming along all the time at the moment, which is wonderful. It doesn't help me keep up with important stuff like the blog though.
The hard part is not always being able to share what is happening with you from the start of each project as the first few steps are often uncertain but possibly the most exciting.
Since moving into the studio and writing that class timetable so much has happened all of which will become clear hopefully over the next few weeks.

I can tell you I am off to see Gwen at The Stamp Pad on Saturday 27th June. By then a lot of the new stuff should have fallen into place. Demonstrations will happen between 10am and 3pm but check back nearer the date for more detail or talk to Gwen
Anyone who has been to see the studio yet and would like to visit or know more about the classes for June and July should contact me or 0750 896 2552

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Yvonne said...

Well, Lynnda, with all this busyness I hope you're finding time to chill-out and do a little meditation!