Thursday, 20 August 2009

getting there

It seems to be a phrase I use a lot, however when Jane said she was getting there slowly this time last week I complained I don't think I know where there is any more!! must have been feeling low.
Anyway with Thanks to Sharon and Denese I am back on track and with at least a few samples to show you. Many thanks also to Tracey from the studio next door who has made me cups of tea and encouraged me to concentrate on getting some things finished rather than being " a mad creative butterfly" and starting so many new things.
That trouble is these stamps have been so long in the making and there is so much we could do with them, I just need to concentrate on one or two to show you all in the morning. I am just getting things together in the office to go to the studio to pack and and prepare some samples, however it is hot here and I am feeling the heat already...not a good sign!


Milliesmarvels said...

Glad you feel you are 'getting there', it is hard sometimes when you put yourself under a lot of pressure and I can totally identify with starting new things before you have finished what you were supposed to be doing! It sounds like you have a good team supporting you which always helps. Hope the heat didn't get too much today and you were able to finally get 'there'.
I love your stanps btw and can't wait to see the new ones :-)

Anonymous said...

Fear not you always seem to get there, your stamps are all so versatile and will look great what ever you do. Good luck with the show.