Thursday, 4 February 2010

home making

just read on twitter Kirsty Allsop working on next Homemade Home. Just think what you could do with a stamp or two. You could easily theme a room quite cheaply. As you all know (don't you?) you can stamp on glass, paper, fabrics tiles. ceramics. A stamp is just a way of transfering a design.
Just think what you could do in a bathroom. Pick a nice motif say the shells. you could stamp these on a mirror edge, glasses for candles, on to ribbon to quickly trim towels, into Fimo to decorate picture frames or UTEE as well as images on a wall. How many other rooms could you decorate?
If we could get Kirtsy stamping her Christmas cards they would be a lot nicer and much more accessible. I do hope this next series is more accessible and features things most people could do. And I truely hope that Kisty gets to actually complete stuff herself more rather than leaving it to the "professionals" I am sure she would love it!!
Come on Kirsty visit us at Oak House Studio, it would be fun



Elaine said...

Sounds like a good idea. I enjoyed the last series!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun but could be messy!!


Yvonne said...

If you could stamp on marzipan or icing sugar I'm sure Kirsty would love to come!

Sara said...

I am not sure she is that brave! she tends to let the "teacher" do it for her, You would want her to do it herself. Just because we a want to do something like that for ourselves don't expect others to, some people are happy to let others do the work and take the credit themsleves. You could do a whole house with stamps well not everyone but I know you would have a pretty good try!