Tuesday, 27 July 2010

making lemonade

They say when life throws you lemons make lemonade. Well I was trying some kiss stamping with acrylic paints and stamping on to canvas, but nothing was going right. So I decided to take a print from the texture plate. This is one of my favorite textures called Thoresby, I like it so much we have it in 3 sizes. I loved the outcome so made book covers. What do you think?


Elaine said...

Like the look of that .....and the buckle looks great too. Thoresby 1963 eh!!! I used Thoresby yesterday - great minds.

Diane said...

Hi Lynnda
Just popped by to see what you're up to and this project really caught my eye. I love this stamp with the paints it looks fantastic...I'm going to have to have a go!
Love your silver clay work too..something else I've always wanted to try.
Good luck with your clearout/sale