Friday, 15 July 2011

Here are few photos to show you I have been working! Some of you may be wondering why I am managing to blog a bit more. BEN is the answer.
He has been coming to the studio with me. It has been great having company, someone to clean my stamps and do piles of die cutting ; 0. BUT also he "plays" with the camera too and gives me extra time in the morning cos he ain't up yet!!.
I am off for something to eat as I have been up hours, enjoy these ....


Lizzy R said...

still going through your Blue green phase I see! not surprised cos I know where you work. I love it by the way and could be seriously addicted to it myself.
Looking forward to you being at Driffield show this year, will you have some stamping card with you?

Elaine said...

Everything is looking good. You don't have to stick to blue and green. You can do black and white as well!!