Saturday, 4 August 2012

Whilst I still have the services of Ben I thought I would add some more about the  Colour Chemistry Inks. Some how having a screw top makes these other uses that bit more accessible and less faff. So dig out your messy may or even buy a new one and lets get some fast painting done.

Pentel Waterbrush with a  fine tip. Also available in Medium and broad plus a 3 brush set.
The nylon tip come to an excellent fine point, great for detail.

the brush unscrews for you to add or....

among other things you can add ink,
obviously I chose Colour Chemistry in a bottle.

The pipette goes inside the pen so no mess
even with my shaky hands.
The  pipette is ideal for transferring ink the bottle
to your pen or a palette.

Precious purple ink in the brush,
I have only added a small amount,
 but this is enough to paint several flowers.

Altering the pressure on the brush changes the size of the

The ink flows quickly allowing you to colour fast.

Colouring in the the stamped  image
is pretty easy now

I enjoy painting but sometimes you want to be a quicker. This method certainly is.

These are new stamps they are not on the website yet, but I would be interested to know what you think of them. We should have some stock by the time we go to Donnington Park in a couple of weeks so whose going?


Elaine said...

Love the stamp! Are you going to be selling the pipettes as well?

Redanne said...

Like Elaine, I love the stamp, nice size too. A x

Lynnda said...

Pipettes are on the website Elaine. The rose stamp might not be quite this big when it hits the shop, depends how I can best use space, other wise it would be a bit expensive hence the delay in getting it out.