Friday, 28 August 2015

How to create your own spray booth.

Many peoples favourite way to use our Inks in a Bottle, and the New PURE Colour Chemistry inks is as a spray ink. This can be fast and beautiful. This little post is to share how we protect the rest of our stash whilst doing this technique.
We are all crafters on the design team and don't have expensive professional spray booths in our home, so what do we use?
I started out with cardboard boxes that I got from our office supplies warehouse, they held paper pads so  were quite strong, and A3 sized, perfect! but we stopped getting pads packed this way BOO! how dare they?
DT member Lynne Vowles uses the boxes that boots come in and tells me that shoe shops are happy to get rid of these and may save some for you if you ask.
I am a big fan of spraying out in the garden, especially if I want to do big sheets of card. I have been known to re-purpose A1 mount boards this way, spraying over the boring white back. Elaine Kettle likes using her garden too.

I started to use a cat litter tray I am fairly certain didn't cost me very much. This is Barbara Daines method too.

The cardboard boxes are cheap or free but won't last for ever. I used to lay a craft mat in the bottom to collect the over-spray which makes the great source of ink more use able. Plastic on the other hand, it washes out. If you are changing colours a lot I suggest you wipe out your tray with some kitchen roll, or better still soak up excess ink on a tag or scrap card.

Then I as I was teaching bigger and bigger classes I decided I needed something not too expensive and that stacked. I would have gone the cat litter tray route had I been able to find a cheap source but I was going through a "use what you have" phase of my life and realised I had 20 of these trays from Ikea, it did mean emptying a few, but it worked, and I will be buying more of these for the Autumn classes.

My best advice is to keep what ever you use close to hand, because if you don't, like me you will be too excited about your project and promise yourself you will be careful and it is just one quick spray and before you know it everything on your desk with have a nice splash of Paris Pink on it. What ever you do with our inks I hope you take the time to enjoy what you do..... now that would make a stamp, oh yes it already is stamp x


rachel said...

I like the idea of plastic for the spray booth Lynnda - my card ones do tend to leak eventually!!! Hugs rachel xx

Kath Grantham said...

Great idea, I am using a large box lid at the moment, but like this better,thanks for sharing,

Kath Grantham said...

Great idea will look out for them

Claire said...

Great idea, I'm always covering everything when spraying lol! X

Elaine said...

I love using the garden as the sun dries the inks too but I'm thinking a plastic box is needed for the winter. Loving using the pure colours!