Monday, 25 February 2008

helping hands

My friend Barbara called today and offered to keep me focused, this was just what I needed, I was just about ready to pack up and go home, but with Barbara there to lsiten to me whitter on and tear up some things I was having trouble dealing with, the afternoon soon passed.
As Barbara left, Martin phoned for me to collect him from the garage where he had dropped off our van. I got there to find Pat had not only served up a cup of coffee but had also found the hobnobs!! I think we both enjoyed the moment to stop and talk to Pat before getting back in the the whirl that has become everyday life.
Tonight I am trying to decide which stamp(s) to use for a special card to be featured in a magazine, so many nice ones I just can't pick one.
If you have any thought about which Oak House Studio stamp to feature email me. If you haven't seen Oak House Stamps checkout the website

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