Friday, 29 February 2008

as open door closes another opens

I handed over the keys to my shop at lunch time today. Good I hear you say no more talk about boxes. But you are not clear of talk about boxes yet, the house and the warehouse are both full of boxes now waiting for me to unpack. Oh the joys of rediscovering old friends in those boxes.

If I sound elated it is probably because I got some good news later in the day. I got home to find a message from someone who organises a show for stampers over at Port Sunlight. I had asked if I could attend the show, to discover it is invitation only and booked from show to show. After considering our designs, the committee have asked us to fill a small stand at the May show.

This is an amazing break for me as this show features some of the top stamping companies and it will be my chance to show the stamp community what we can do.

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