Monday, 28 April 2008

mans best friend

Today has been miserable weather wise, rain lashing against the windows and very dark, haven't picked up a stamp, but have been on the computer finding images for scrapbooks with the new stamps. Whilst I was looking I came across this pohoto of Bob who is back to being my constant companion. At the moment because Martin is in his office, having got back from deliveries and seeing customers, Bob is currently stationed between the two rooms. But he does pop in and put his head on my lap every now and then and in about an hour he will start to tell me it is time for his tea.

Bob always came to work with me until I went to the Craft Place full time, he carried on going to work with Martin at Write Now until that closed two years ago. Since then he has been here with Martin and now with both of us. One thing he is not keen on is me going into Martins Office or him coming into mine.

When I tell people I have a dog I am not sure what they expect, especially when I say he is a minature poodle, if fact he has an excellent pedigree and his father and sister have both been to Crufts. But here is Bob, in his favorite spot watching the world go by and patroling case any blackbirds dare come in the garden.

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