Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I have been back to thinking about Christmas, someone asked me on Monday how I could think about Christmas designs at this time, I made the usual jokes about about putting carols on and breaking out the mince pies. I didn't even try to explain that actually I felt like I had done Christmas and busy trying to get my head round Mothers Day. I think I am just going to have to tell myself there are two events that share the same name, Christmas for designing and making samples and a Christmas to enjoy with the family. This is when we get our main break from work.
Like most women I am going through the usual guilt of school holidays, do I get on on with works so much to do, despite clearing the decks, a few unexpected opportunities have come my way. Do I catch up with Housework, (highly unlikely). Do I spend quality time with my son (15) or do I just rest?? I usually mange to all these things in some part but not enough to feel I have done some thing useful. I guess this year is worse than ever because my timetable is so flexible. So now I have to decide what to do and when.

We have booked some shows for the Autumn so that is going to be hectic. Wrexham and Alexandra Palace to kick off September.

Well off now to play at doing housework and then of to the warehouse to look in boxes for some things I can no longer locate. Maybe I can make some cards later.


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