Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Holiday

A few of you will know I was planning to get away with the family and some friends over the Bank Holiday, I had a couple of days out the week before and I got home on the Tuesday afternoon all peaceful and relaxed ready to start packing in ernest to be greeted by Martin saying the holiday was cancelled and could I get hold our friends who were already camping in teh Lake District to let them know.
A quick chat with Martin and we realised that we should invite our friend sto come to our house instead. We duely rang Elaine and her family and told them the news and made the offer and gave them time to think about it.
So there I was Wednesday morning instead of having two days to sort out and pack teh caravan, I had two days to sort out the house and clear a space in the graden for their caravan. Now I keep telling people how bad the house is at the moment and they all smile but I am not sure they realise how much it has been at the bottom of my list
So here I was no excuses it had to be done and it had to be done now! everyone pitched in and we got there or at least we got done what we needed to do.
We had a great few days together and I got a good start to catching up with the house. But now I have to get back down to some work!
Ben is back to school tomorrow and I have promised myself a day in the office sat in my chair crossing jobs off. Then we have to get packed to go to Wrexham on Saturday to the Artstamps show
If you are going to be there please say hello

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