Tuesday, 30 June 2009

so what is keeping me sane?

Over the last few days I have had to ask for and accept help, something I find difficult. I used to think it was about proving something, showing how capable I am, and perhaps when I was much younger it was. But maybe now it is about being in control in many ways, over time scales, over content and output. I am very grateful for all the help I have had and will need in the next couple of days but I have to say it has been hard for me to accept.

Fortunately there has been much to keep me sane. Life at Cold Harbour Farm is very calm. Yesterday they even sent me photos of the cows to calm me at home, Thanks Heather.

This photo is one of my own, of the girls outside my door. When the builders get busy they seem to get excited, I think they look like the girls in the diet coke break advert where they are all looking at the workmen. Here they are watch what is happening.

And here are just some the skys at Cold Harbour how can you be stressed with all that around you.


Yvonne said...

Well, the 'girls' look lovely, don't they? But as you can guess, I love the sky picture too. What a wonderful background for a logo if your company name was 'Rainbows'!

It is difficult asking for and accepting help though. We all do it, don't we? Try and 'soldier on'. And sometimes we just feel that it's easier to do a job ourselves than have to explain to someone what needs doing.

And, of course, your stress levels will be higher anyway, bearing in mind all the exciting things that are happening. Good thing crafting's such a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do!

I think the key is to just keep breathing. Breathing in "I am." Breathing out "At peace." Of course if it all gets too much, you could always tap for it!

Keep going. You'll get there I'm sure.

Barbara said...

You know what keeps you sane, it is where your studio is. Peace, perfect peace. Outside not inside.

It does take a lot to delegate but we all have to at some time or other. I know it may take more time delegating than doing it yourself.

Take care, see you soon.

P.S. great tv debut.

Lynnda said...

hello to both Barbara and Yvonne, the view and the cows are a great help I have to admit, but Thanks to you both for your support
PS some how I am always happy when someone else washs up!!