Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Needing help

I don't hide the fact I find it hard to ask for and accept help, I guess many people do. I have to say how grateful I am for all the help and support since my last blog entry.
Bob you will be pleased to know gets better every day, it just a slow process. This morning we managed to go for a short walk with out me needing to put him the car just to get down the drive and to the first footpath.!! made me feel good anyway.
Martin and I survived the Harrogate show. It was great to meet some people who had bought off the Internet or Create and Craft. So thank you for taking the time to stop by and chat. The next TV show is tomorrow Wednesday 16th at 12 noon. So today I have to sort out the demos and pack the samples etc. Then I am teaching the Discovering Inks course on Saturday which is always lots of fun but requires a bit of preparation. Next week is busy with "business stuff" and then Martin and I are escape down to Alexandra Palace for the next show. Elaine will be with us on Saturday so if you enjoy her designs and her great samples pop by the stand (18) to say hello to her. She has sent some lovely samples again for this next show. But then have so many other people. We are bring our "build your own poinsettia" to the show along side some new stamps in a sensational offer bundle. But the Build your own set inspires everyone and they all seem to give it their own twist. So Thank you to Elisa, Sharon and Pauline too.

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Milliesmarvels said...

Glad things are going a bit better for you and that Bob is on the mend.
I am going to Ally Pally next week so I will look out for you!
Hope your week continues to go well.