Saturday, 31 October 2009

it's easy to see why

I know you haven't had any updates from me for a while but well there have been other things. I have been to Stamp Magic at Doncaster Dome, this took up so much time and still I wasn't ready.
It seems the busier I am the less I have to show you for all sorts of reasons. However recently I have taken time to breath and here are just two images which might explain how easy it is for me just to stop and breath. I know it isn't a very good photo of Paul's calves but lovely as they are they don't understand they should stand still when I point a camera, I took about a dozen photos and this is the best one, I do have to stand outside the place to stand a chance of them not dashing round, if I go inside they like to come up and taste you....OK so that makes me happy, not sure what that says about me. John suggested I get my own cow this week I can just see that going down at home!!
I did spend about half an hour with two wonderful young cows this week ( Carole and Connie) well I had to wait for some sprays to dry and if I had stayed in the studio I would have found the need to touch them and mess so going out and spending time with the cows was a good way to stop me ruining them. The spraying came out great by the way will show you soon.

This other photo shows the other side of things for me. I went to Hornsea to get my hair cut this week by Sharon at Zizou, we had a good natter at the same time, but it was lovely day so I had a walk to the craft shop and then walked on to the beach, what a lovely view and the air is so uplifting. I do find these dark short days a bit mood depressing so lifts like this are all welcome

I have also discovered twitter so been posting on there. If I knew how I would do a thingy so you could follow me on there where I am LynndaOHS
by the way.
No doubt I will work it out soon

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Elaine said...

Fish 'n' chips, a walk along the beach and losing 2ps. Thats life!