Thursday, 1 September 2011

Club Class Homework

Last week we had a Club Class session with some new faces. What did we do? well we drank tea and cried with laughter, oh crafting you mean, Well we "explored" Pentel chalk pastels We had an endless supply of ATC sized Stamping Card and packs for Pentel Chalk Pastel, some inks and a big pile of Oak House Studio Stamps. This week I made myself " do something" with my ATC sized cards. I had to ensure I didn't spend too long on that part of the process, I just made myself "finish" something. So these are 3 tags I made from my cards. I wanted to be quick, so tearing and maybe an extra bit of chalk round the edges. If you fancy being part of the Club Class thing give me a ring to find out more OR pop by next Saturday when the studios are open as part of Heritage Weekend.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

They all look great but I'm loving the left hand one with the leaves!! Great colours.