Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well there I go missing action yet again, where does the time go.
Here is a photo Denise took of me at the studio on Friday. I was showing off the earrings I had that were made by the very talented  Suze Weinberg.
Suze had started by saying "Do you dream in blue?". Well  it obviously struck a cord with me.
You will see I am also wearing a Silver clay pendent I made to go to Artisan in 2010.

This piece is one the first I made with out the safety net of working in Tracey's studio. I wanted a piece that showed off as many of my texture stamps as possible. Then after the nudge from Suze I have added alcohol Inks to the silver clay piece and the cord, giving me something of my own to wear with all my blue/ green stuff I keep getting teased about.

In case you are wondering I was outside the studio and just on my way back in, Friday was a bit grey but you can still see I guess, why I ended working so much in Green and Blue.
I am so lucky to work in such an inspiring location in studio full of stamps, card and inks, a pair of scissors and some adhesive is all I need to keep me happy. Ok well add to that list the ability to make a cup of tea and may play some music if there is no one around to talk to.Then add a ready supply of chocolate/biscuits.

Dare I ask what are the basics you would want to have in your dream studio?

If you want to come visit the studio I have to remind you this is a place of work for me, but  you are very welcome to come along on the open days or for a workshop. I am not there every day so please don't set off without having made arrangements to meet up with me. Here is a link to my calendar so you can check out when you can next come visit the cows and me.


Lizzy R said...

My dream studio would have chocolate too and great coffee, (I love the smell of coffee in your studio when the machine is gurgling away).
Loads of stamps including all my Oak House favs like clematis and that new scrolly one.
Good company is always on hand at your place too. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else wants in their studio. Also looking forward to getting to Summer School this year a great escape like that is just I what I need after the winter I have had.

Elaine said...

The rosette stamp works really well in silver. Great photo!

Lynnda said...

Thanks ladies, Yes Elaine, love the rosette stamp with both Sliver and polymer clay, one of those that " does what is supposed to do" but actually quite a useful background stamp too.