Friday, 27 January 2012

measures of inkiness

In a facebook post Hels Sheridan of Sunday Stamper fame, commented about not getting inky today well maybe just a smudge. What a brilliant phrase to use to measure inkiness. So I challenged the multi talented Hels to come up with more measures of inkiness and she set the ball rolling , how great I thought so I am now challenging any one out there to come with other phrases to measure how inky you get. Your reward well I am offering 5 Oak House Studio COLOUR CHEMISTRY (see the post below) inks pads to the person who come up with the best phrases.

Post your answers on here or on my facebook wall to be in with a chance. GOOD LUCK.
I am going to Leeds for a Papercraft show this weekend so challenge will end 6pm on Monday. East Yorkshire time


Elaine said...

How about a speck or a splodge dependant on how serious it is!!

Hazel said...

I sometimes spatter my hands when spraying inks but other times I just sprinkle the table. But when I have been really spraying I get a flurry of ink everywhere.
With ink pads thats different as its either a kiss or a smack of colour on my fingers.

Lynnda said...

love a smack of colour

Vee Cassidy said...

I have an ink manicure! Vee xx