Friday, 20 April 2012

Sorry to be missing in action yet again! I have been through an unexpected move which came out of the blue but was full of uncertainty which made it difficult to share with you all. It started with an off the cuff remark from a fellow artist at the farm, when she commented how much she loved my room there. For my part I love her room and offered to swap on the spot. Many weeks later I am now in the "new room" but with still some work to do to getting exactly how I want my room to be. But I am certainly "getting there" the old room is empty and now awaiting a tidy up before ceramicist Alison Brice takes up residence, probably some time in May.
If you fancy a look for yourself then come along on 6th May for a major sale and warehouse clearance. Refreshments on sale for £1 in aid of Breast Cancer Care. Why not come along and see our latest stamp designs and find out about classes we have coming up?
I guess that means I better get on and get those jobs finished.


Redanne said...

Hi Lynnda, well they say change is as good as a rest, hope you soon settle. Thank you so much for following me, I am a great admirer of your stamps and have only just recently started blogging. Look forward to following you too!

Lynnda said...

That is so kind of you
Stay in touch