Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just a few days away

How to describe my trip to my brother?....."where are you going?"
"the NEC it is work really"
" are you dragging Elaine with you again? I don't know how you dare!!"
" I think she enjoys it Peter"

He can't seem to understand that 3 days at the NEC, long days, with silly early starts, on your feet most of the day can be both work AND enjoyable!
I didn't take many photos but here are a couple.
And thanks to Elaine for taking the ones of me with Mario Rossi and Tim Holtz.

The beads are Polymer clay from a workshop we did with Linda Peterson. Yes we did 6 workshops with people like Leandra Franich and Lindsey Mason, Wyatt White and Fernando Da Silva.

And I made Elaine come with me to every one so cruel!

We did some shopping too, I bought card and paper on the way there and I bought ribbon and charms on the way back.

Needless to say my head is buzzing with new ideas and ways to develop old ideas. Why did I leave just 2 days to sort those ideas out before I was back to teaching?
Anyway if you live local to me I will be having a FREE open event at the studio Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd March. Which means I better get sort out the new products and the new stamp launch.
will show you how to find the studio, if in doubt please ring.

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Elaine said...

Great photos even though I do say so myself!! Tell Peter I was there with my "Design Consultant" head on :)