Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day in Nottinghamshire

I know it is only just over the border from Yorkshire but this part of the county was quite important to my family as I grew up, so a trip to Blyth is always special, but when you include a day at Blyth Craft Studio then the day is VERY special.
Martin and I did enjoy a lovely day out and it was probably the best weather we have had for weeks. We set off early then stopped to eat just before we got there, ready for the shop opening at 9:30am. I had, as usual put half the studio in the back of the van (in no particular order).
As we brought the gear in, Martin was recognised by one the customers who so pleased to see him, and then made a huge fuss following to the toilet etc. (I know it takes some believing for most of you but was a pretty special moment) Hence took a while to get in the stock and display it. I was ready to demo by 10am and was joined by a lovely group of ladies.
Lots of questions later and dashing off at random tangents hopefully kept them all entertained. To add to Martin's joy I kept sending him to the van to find treasure like cotton wool and glue spreaders only to find them whilst he was gone!! oh dear he kept smiling though and did a great job of doing all the washing up all day.

The afternoon workshop was scheduled to be a small group of 5 possibly six, it turned into ten cheerful ladies who seemed to thoroughly enjoy their afternoon.
They threw more questions at me and I did my best to answer them all. I am pretty sure they were amazed to see how easy to could be and the joy of being able to wash off the stamping you didn't like and start again was a new pleasure for them. However I am not sure they expected to spend so much time watching paint dry...and enjoying it!

Really LOVEd our day at Blyth as always and hope to be back real soon. And a big Thank You to Martin for treating me to breakfast out, drive there and back, washing up, taking the photos and looking for lots of wild geese! we all love you.


Elaine said...

Looks like you had a good time ... did Martin? Great shop from what I can see from the photos - must call in next time we're at Clumber/Rufford!!

Carol said...

You were brill Lynnda and we hope it is repeated soon I did and I am sure we all did , enjoy the hole day xx
martin is a Star x

Redanne said...

Isn't if lovely when all your hard work pays off and is appreciated by others (all those lovely crafters). Anne x

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for your lovely comments over on my blog.

I don't normally 'do' horror unless its for me. Its just not something i think is easy shared. I DID enjoy doing that piece though. Brought back memories of taking Halloween costumes for my son when he was younger.

I am mainly a stamper and would much rather spend time trying to figure out different ways of using stamps as well as just experiment.

Tare care

Jackie x

Lynnda said...

Thank you Jacqueline, I think your comment is for Elaine who is our guest blogger this month. But it has intrigues me enough to now be popping over to your blog to look at what "horror" you have been creating.
If you enjoy really stretching your stamps maybe you should look at the post below and consider join the design team for our ONE STAMP event.