Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Whilst on a recent demo I was asked if I was self taught or if I had been on a course. Not a simple answer to this one. I haven't been on "a course" although I did study Printmaking whilst at Leeds Met Uni in the 70's ( it was Leeds Poly in those days) but too be honest it was something I did as a break to the science heavy part of my course, I did really enjoy it and it was probably when I first made cards to send to friends, hard up student and all that. I had wonderful tutor who helped me overcome my fear of drawing and I can't even remember her name how bad is that!
On the subject of making my own cards to give, for that I was inspired by the great Dave Moutrey who sent me the most lovely etched Christmas card in 1976. I still have it somewhere.
Did do some projects over the years, most of which I would not want to see now, but I started to get more involved again, when I started working full time with Martin after I left teaching, since then I have been the proverbial sponge, you soak up things here and there. I have done workshops that last 30 minutes and three day escapes and treats. I have watched TV and you tube too.

The scientist in me makes me think, what will happen if, as a scientist you use your present knowledge to predict the outcome and then you test that theory.
I did a short workshop with Leandra Franich at a recent trade fair where she suggested a different way of doing Crackle Effect, also done something different with Jo Channon 12 months earlier, so recently sat down with a dozen or so pieces of mount board and trailed variations of their ideas and the method I had been using for about 10 years and worked out the factors that worked for me with the material I use.
I think that is a good illustration of how I work.

I would suggest that is how you all craft, you listen to what others have to say, to try things out and you work out what works for you.


Redanne said...

Hi Lynnda, I totally agree with you. I love to look at what other people do because I am not good at thinking up ideas but take inspiration from others. I worried at first about not having a 'defined style' but now I just embrace all styles and love hopping from one thing to another. Thank you Lynnda, I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Elaine said...

Definitely agree to embrace all styles - interest is in the variety!!
Looking forward to the One Stamp 24hr challenge - as Tim says, the possibilities are endless.