Saturday, 21 September 2013

*10 Table Setting

For my next project using Oak House Studio's Poinsettia stamp, I decided to make a place mat for the table.

The Poinsettia was silver embossed on some pale blue card that had been sprayed with Jubilee Blue, Peacock Green and Pearly Silver Ink in a Bottle. I attached these to some Teal card, then Silver card and in best Blue Peter tradition covered it front and back with sticky back plastic to make it waterproof and wipe clean.

Don't you think these would look great on the table for that special meal, maybe with matching coasters  and serviette rings or place names!!


gillnstu said...

nice idea, lovely colours - Gill xxx

Karen Petitt said...

You could laminate them so they don't get roast dinner on them - I'd be upset if someone got gravy on them x