Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Colouring and having courage with Oak House Studio . . .

Hi everyone, Tracy here today sharing the first project that I created using 
Oak House Studio`s
I remember the day my parcel arrived to create my layouts, I could not wait to try them out!
 Canvas, pencil and a little doodle dooooing later I came up with my girl
 " Courage "
Mixing together the inks from the French Quartet to colour her wings . . .
 adding the teeniest amount of ink to acrylic white paint for touches of blush . . .
the background . . . more deeelish Ink applied using a baby wipe to work it into the canvas, a drop goes a long way using it like this.
I remember going over the wings and background working the inks in with baby wipes and brushes until I was happy before
 flicking and splatting a few of the inks to break up the background. 

I honestly can`t begin to tell you how much fun I had using the inks to create my wings, background and blushing cheeks on my girl
how super quick it is to cover a canvas with ink using baby wipes.

I hope you have a go and enjoy all the splatters and splots along the way!

Catch you next time, I am now officially addicted to inks, lol . . .
Big hugs


Katie Lamb said...

Fab project Tracy i will have to try this out

rachel said...

this is soooo fabulous - I love it all xx

Elaine said...

Great post and great project. I tend to spray or paint but it sounds like I need to swipe too!!

Elaine Traverso said...

I really like your fairy, there is something real about her, that she could be just an ordinary girl but secretly she is a goddess. I love your work x