Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Back to nature with Oak House Studio

Hello everyone, today I would love to share my love of nature inspired by Oak House Studio`s
Here`s what happens when you play with air dry clay, a stamp and inks . . .
. . . they may be a little rough around the edges, the leaves a little dimpled, the snail may have been through the wars { lol }
I do love the roughness off them along with bursts of inky coloured goodness . . .
the sun came out at just the right time to take these pictures. 
These two little plates have now had a coat of varnish and will be heading to my shed at the allotment to enjoy our fresh produce on over the coming months.

{ sorry I got carried away and didn`t take any before photos}
Just knead your dough till it`s warm and pliable, roll it out to whatever thickness you want and apply your stamp.
 Be sure to leave it for a few days to air dry before sanding and getting messy with the inks . . .spraying, splatting, brushing, having fun!
Thank you for looking
Big hugs


Lynnda's Blog said...

A fabulous project Tracy, Thank you so much for all your posts.

Donna Arkle (DizzyDee) said...

What a great use of air dry clay! Love how the stamps and ink look on it! Great project thanks for the inspiration x x

Tracy said...

It was a pleasure Lynnda ♡♡♡♡

Lee Stephenson said...

Wow so pretty and unique x lovely showcase of the wonderful inks x

rachel said...

wow Tracy - these plates are such an awesome idea. and so beautiful too. hugs Rachel x

Elaine said...

What a great idea and the inks look like they work beautifully with the clay!