Saturday, 1 March 2008

more wind

We had a very windy night, I guess they qualify to be gales. We woke up this morning to discover the loft hatch had been dislodged. That is a first for us.

Another first, a Saturday off work. Since we opened Write Now in 2001 we have had very few "Saturdays Off". If we have had the day off, it has been to do something important and that usual means working somewhere else. This morning was very strange and I am not sure I was ready for just how good it felt, to be able to chose what to do, at what time.
In the end Martin and I had a grown up trip into Driffield. We bumped into lots of people we haven't seen for a while, and did a little shopping and had that speciality of shopping, a toasted teacake and a cup of tea. These may seem like simple pleasures, but they were made special by the fact we had time to really enjoy them and do as we pleased.
Now I am excited about next Saturday.

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