Friday, 5 September 2008

Who am I?

I ask this question in the vain hope of starting some sort of debate.
In the world of craft how easy is it to draw a line between the crafters and the suppliers, Especially those people in the front line of craft.
On Holiday I will visit craft shops everywhere and always find some thing I want to buy, because I when not at work I craft...among other things. At shows I always seem to buy, and judging by the people who come to our stand so do other exhibitors. Many Crafters also sell a few cards or spilt supplies with friends.

Since I finished working a shop I have spent more time looking at and joining in on the forums. They are now my main contact with the crafters out there. I enjoy being able to pass on the help and advice we gave freely in the shop to people on line. In doing so am I advertising? well probably just a bit, but it is not noticeable in how much money we take. I probably spend far too much of my time surfing the forums and posting replies, which would give a better return concentrating on the huge list of jobs I have, but I like the contact, to know what people are thinking about which are the best shows to attend and what the food is like when we get there.

At shows I have a number of friends who have helped get through the day, helped unload the van and set up, done a bit of demoing whilst I go the loo or have a drink. Not for money just to support a friend and be involved in a hobby we all love. Are they to be considered part of a shop??

should I only post cards I have made with other peoples stamps?
When you have made a card with a new stamp or new technique to do you want to show others what you have done? I certainly do, and when I have had the idea for the stamp, drawn it, electronically "cleaned" that image, finally got Andy to make it the right size to emboss and not loose definition, do I want to shout and show people, do I feel some sense of pride? you bet I do!
So should I be embarassed to say this what I do on a forum, or just asking forum friends to look what I made?
On this blog I tell you about what we products we have coming out, can you imagine how much work goes in get new stamps or other products to the market, how long it takes from idea to saying here it is because we are selling it is it wrong to shout about what we have achieved? I was talking to someone who sells products on one of the TV channels last month and they said it took 12 months to get a recent product ready to take to TV so it not just me.
This week I have had to spend my evenings designing (making) boxes and other packaging.
So am I a Crafter?? or just a shop? am I shop at all? is the blog a shop?

Your comments PLEASE!!

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Pauline said...

Lynnda, you are you. You sound more like a psychiatrist instead of a crafter who is enjoying her hobby and profession all rolled into one.

Pauline (but written by Brian)