Friday, 3 October 2008


Papercraft Essentials hit the news stand yesterday, with a free stamping supplement....and there I am on page 16!

the story behind this whole page is quite a long one, so here are a few edited highlights. I after struggling to decide if to do Christmas or something more general, I went with floral frames as they are very versatile, only to discover very late the booklet had a Christmas theme and had re submit on a very short time frame. I had to send the advertising copy three times not change to the words just a bit more on the image side,

I got two proofs back weeks later with only a day or so to return and I looked at the new layouts and thought great.

Imagine how sick I felt when I proudly showed Martin the project in print for him to tell the advert has the wrong website address!!!

So if you know anyone trying to find us at apollo-studio.....PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD the items can be bought at

For those of you interested in the technical details I created the co ordinating papers using glimmer mists, in olive green and hollyberry red. You could use two paper from a Christmas collection or you could paint your parcels.

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