Wednesday, 8 October 2008

sweet sixteen

This is a very moody and grainy photo of Elaine and I aged 16. She included it in a BIA book she made for my birthday. I was going to write about how life seemed very straight forward for me at that age. My brother had got married the year before following leaving college to become a teacher. Here I was just about to start my A level and go on to be a teacher ( training at the same college). I expected I would leave college and get married, I expected to live the sort of life my parents and the rest of my family lead. I didn't expect it to happen the next day but I just presumed it would all happen.
However much I could at that point, imagine Elaine and I still being friends and creating a design business that included us both, I don't think I could imagine being as old as I am now, and probably as old as my parents are in the picture ( I have edited them out).
Just as I logged on to blogger to add this post, my son came upstairs and popped into my office to see what I was up to, it came as shock to realise he is just months away from being the age I was here. Having teenage children didn't come into my imagined life either, I guess I always wanted children but who sets out in life to have teenagers?
Having said that I have a son I am very proud of and if anything he is the grown up in our relationship. I do have trouble accepting how responsible he is, but if I think how I was in this picture, on this holiday I guess he is grown up now.

I guess in the long term we are best not knowing what the future has in store for us but if only we knew some of it.

Like many people since I took up scrapbooking I want to re run my life and get some photos for the scrapbooks, but perhaps it is just as well!! Oh and Elaine not many more photos to go now, Did I tell you I have bought a slide scanner so I may have a new stock soon!

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Elaine said...

Don't you just love that cardie! That was my brothers - I'd grown out of mine. What you haven't told people is that was taken on a visit to the Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery and we were expected to drink the samples too. I guess they won't be allowed to do that now- shame!