Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bob the Dog

Had a few questions about Bob, caught him curled up on the settee the other day so grabbed this photo. Note the lack of eye contact!
Bobby is miniature silver poodle, he is now nearly 9 years old, last August he was hit by a car whilst on one his escapes, He fractured his pelvis and was pretty badly cut up. We have great Vets and insurance or he wouldn't be here. He walks kind of funny now and lacks strength in his back legs but he seems happy and still escapes when ever he feels the urge.
We carry him upstairs and lift him down and up smalls steps but then very now and then he gets up the stairs by himself and on to the settee even.
Today he escaped from the garden and went for his walk by himself as I got caught up and he thought he would save me the time!!

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