Sunday, 31 January 2010

To stamp or not to stamp?

Well the answer is of course TO STAMP. I hope I don't bore the world (well my world anyway) with this topic but I am going to be bashing on about it for the next three weeks at least.
You see in my head there are two types of people, those who stamp and those who don't stamp YET!

I love stamping so much it is hard for me to understand why some people don't do it. I can see that I won't convert everyone BUT I do feel there are too many people who are missing out on this great pleasure in life. Over the next 12 months I am making my mission to covert as many people as possible. First I need to understand more about it?

Have these people not had the opportunity, have they never considered it? do they think they don't have enough time? worse stll have they tried and not enjoyed it?

so I want to hear from YOU email me NOW

Are you a stamper? if so why do you love it?
Are you not a stamper? why do you think that is?
Can you use stamper or not a stamper for you subject line and send your reply now to
as a little encouragement ( as if??) there will be prizes for both groups to be drawn on 23rd Febrauary 2010.

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