Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I have had several attempts at up loads some images for you and every time my computer just crashes so I have decided it is not meant to be
Frantically trying to pull everything together for the show on Saturday, this is the point when everything starts to fall apart, I had my hair cut last week and it hasn't gone right since, I have papercuts on about 7 different fingers from folding boxes to pack the inks in (oh yes inks in this next show). I forgot to comfirm the order with the stamp manaufacturer so they won't be here till Friday! All been a mad dash it is only 7 days since I said I would do the show and in that time I have produced 9 stamp images some totally new, some based on old favourites. It has been a bit hectic.

Anyway I have been busy with the samples, Barbra, Sharon and Elisa have all popped in to help and tomorrow Denese is due to help too. I is always nice to see how someone else uses the stamps Sharon did some lovely backgrounds and really got in to some fantastic repeat stamping.
Martin has been brilliant and took over labeling inks today when my papercut fingers couldn't grip anything and has promised to do some more tomorrow (must be love!)
I know everything will come together by Saturday but I am trying really hard to have some time out on Friday as I have the opportunity to spend and hour or so with Branding Guru Carl Hopkins, but that means a couple of hours on a train too so a few hours out of my working day, should be worth it though

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