Saturday, 1 May 2010

Technology and the teenager

Ok I like technology but I find it harder and harder to keep up with the progress, is it an age thing? The consquence is I now rely on others (my son) to move things forward for me often due to a lack of time, however it always seems to take more time some where further down the line as I then don't understand the principles and when thinsg go wrong I have no idea how to put them right.!! all this is a long wonded way of saying sorry I didn't get to post for so long yet again. I am working toward a create and craft show on Wednesday 5th May at 12 noon, which having a bank holiday just before it seems to be hearder work than I was expecting.
Hope you will all be watching out for me, After that I am taking a few weeks to get in touch with all this new technology and finish off some new designs, so no TV for at least 8 weeks maybe longer.

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